Frequently Asked Questions

Messy Play

Are the bases taste safe?

Some bases are made of food ingredients, however we advise they should not be eaten or tasted. Please check packaging for the ingredients of each base.

How do I clean up the mess?

Generally we tend to scoop the sensory base into a bag and put it in the bin. Any splashes can usually be cleaned up with the hose. Please be mindful of the environment when cleaning up.

Can bases be re-used?

Some can! Things like rice, chickpeas and pasta can all be kept and re-used. Oobleck can be dehydrated and rehydrated. Some other bases can be kept for a few days after their first use and re-used provided they are clean. Please watch the videos for each pack for more specific information.


I need my parcel quickly - can I order with express shipping?

Please contact us at info@playourway.com.au to get a quote for express shipping. We can then put the order in for you and send you an invoice.

I’d like to purchase items as presents for several people. Can you post the items directly to them?

Yes, I can! If you would like your items to go to different locations, please complete separate orders for each location. Splitting your order will incur extra shipping charges.